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From a concept to the garments.
The place where we summon our ideas.


Prologue: THE ÁGORA

The Ágora is many things. It is a space for reflection and a sewing atelier. A place for debate and collective creation. An artists' workshop and a learning classroom. In the Ágora, ideas are transformed into clothes. This is where it all begins.

Chapter 01: SIGHING

Taking in air, breathing out. This is the mechanism of breathing. We have made the sigh into a garment through fabrics that are folded and released by magnets. When the magnetic clasp is opened, the fabric is released and generates new shapes, as if the garment were releasing air, freeing itself from its own charge. A subtle metaphor that transfers the imprint of the lived experience to the garment.

Chapter 02: BACCHUS

We shared table and wine with friends around a fire. A feeling of relief and disconnection, celebration and feast as in the Roman bacchanals. An inspiration to celebrate life through wine, food and dance. Through different techniques such as Shibori and cooking different fabrics we have generated different textures, emulating bunches of grapes. The grape itself has become a print and the wine has served as a print of Tai Dai techniques.


The complexity of simplicity. That is the great task of our designers. Translating the ideas of the creative team into garments that have the perfect drape. In this pattern, fabrics were hand-cut and carefully sewn to achieve the desired volumes when scaling its production to a large international scale. Because the Ágora is also this, the silent studio behind a seemingly simple garment. Pieces of clothing so complexly simple that they always fit well.