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To give a gift is to
honour the other

A gift, when it is well planned, speaks as much about
the other person as it does about you. That's why we
want to invite you to create a unique combination.
So that you can be the one to dream what someone
else will enjoy. Discover the pleasure of giving.

1 bag + 1 shawl

Above all, the bag and the shawl.

The final touch, the beginning of a gift that takes you to her. Imagine that person. Feel his/her energy. Think what combination is hers/his.

1 sweater + 1 leather goods piece

The essentials are also visible to the eyes.

A jumper and an Airpods case that will be by your side at every cold stroll this Fall-Winter. Feel the heat of your favorite music and of our favorite fabrics. So loving. So soft. Just like a cloud. A virtual cloud.

1 scarf + 1 glove or 1 hat

Shelter yourself.

If winter strikes with cold. We offer you a gift of warmth. We offer you a gift of comfort.

2 pieces of leather goods

A wallet and a phone holder. Two accessories combined in an infallible gift. They always go with you. Two day-to-day tools. We miss them when we don’t have them. They are our everyday luggage and an essential detail.

1 scarf + 1 hat

Keep the cold away.

To feel the warmth of a gift designed specifically for that person. Just like feeling close.

1 belt + 1 wallet

A belt and a wallet for that person who takes care of
the details, who seeks beauty in the accessory, in what complements us.

1 sweater + 1 wallet

The art of the well-made.

As essential as a jumper or a wallet. Think about his tastes, think about his days. Choose something that reminds you of him, honour his essence.

2 pieces of costume jewellery

She shines with her own light.

Honour her with pieces that remind her of it. It doesn't matter if she's more of necklaces, bracelets or rings. The accent of a look is written with a detail that enhances everything.

2 pairs of socks

A house is a house and a gift is a gift

For instance, this socks celebrate the power of starting the day with your best foot forward. Soft, cotton and nylon... think of the color and shape that best stands for that person. Choose two of them and turn this little present into a real gift.

To give a gift is to honour the other.