There is beauty in the effort.
In breaking your back for the team's shield, for the one next to you, for all of them.
There is beauty in breaking into sweating. In getting dirty. In getting up again and again and again.
There is beauty in fighting tooth and nail for every ball, and for what is right.
Wrinkles are not a defect. It's what happens when you roll up your sleeves for what you want.
Wrinkles prove that you have lived. That you have tried.
Wrinkles are beautiful.

Atlético de Madrid Femenino's official uniform.

La arruga es bella

Amanda Sampedro,
captain for Atlético de Madrid

Aïssatou Tounkara,
defender for Atlético de Madrid

Deyna Castellanos,
striker for Atlético de Madrid

Leicy Santos,
midfielder for Atlético de Madrid

Bárbara Latorre,
midfielder for Atlético de Madrid

Carmen Menayo,
defender for Atlético de Madrid

Players of Atlético de Madrid Femenino