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    A Green future

    You might wonder how a fashion company can make a sheep happy or make four trees grow where two were felled.

    Well, the secret lies in looking after the earth, which is our home, and in loving animals, which are our fellow creatures, a little more.

    That, and spending time with people who know the most about these things: WWF, PETA, Greenpeace, The climate Project and Textile Exchange.

    How do we do it?

    Every year we do our bit with a range of initiatives which, although they may appear minor, help us leave the world a little better than we found it.

    in green

    We have the perfect option for those who want to dress fashionably and have a clear conscience: Green me, our range of designer accessories created with materials which are 100% sustainable.

    respect animals
    in our work

    We say NO to leather from exotic animals
    We say NO to fur
    We say NO to wool from sheep that have been submitted to mulesing procedures
    We say NO to all down and feathers that have been obtained from vivisection
    We say a big YES! to all materials imitating the former because we love fashion and we know you do too!

    We are very proud of our animal welfare policy: we were finalists in the RSPCA Good Business awards ( and we have the approval and support of PETA (

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    We do
    our bit
    in our own way

    Did you know that every hour three species of animals or plants become extinct? In the context of these problems, we act in the way we know best: designing.
    Animals in danger of extinction is an exclusive jewellery collection which, as well as being showcased in Madrid Cibeles Fashion Week, works with the WWF Spain.

    I would like to see the collection
    climate change!

    We use 100% renewable energy in our sales network and central services. This is how we have avoided the carbon emissions that a car driving round the world 558 times would produce.
    You won’t be too cold or too hot in any of our more than700 shops, but their temperature control uses Inverter technology and we manage to save up to 25% over other systems.

    We say
    we think

    It’s as simple as knowing what is important to us and shouting it out loud to the world

    1. Animals are our fellow animals and their pain hurts us
    2. Polyester is more sustainable than cotton
    3. We plant forests, not flocks

    surrounds us
    is sustainable

    The bags you take home, the size and pricetags and the paper that wraps that special gift are all made of sustainable or recycled materials.

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