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    This is a genderless collection. It is not based on biology,
    but on philosophy. We are breaking down the barriers
    between the male and female wardrobes, instead creating
    a space that is open to men and women.
    Inclusive. Neutral. Profoundly liberating.


    Time does not devalue our clothing.
    We have brought back our 80's tailoring to reclaim
    the timelessness of style and resist the trend of evanescence.
    A reflection of our true DNA, all pieces from this collection
    are imperfect, sketchy and under construction.


    Excess is wrong. We value conservation.
    The XX pieces included in this collection are all handmade
    at our local atelier, using recovered fabris from our archives.
    Carefully curated, these are not disposable clothes, but rather
    enduring pieces that remain a permanent feature of your wardrobe.