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    • Four gift selections for one-of-a-kind
      mother. Finding the right gift has never
      been so easy.

    • The beauty of pure lines
      and essential materials.

      The simple silhouette invites relaxation.
      Blue takes center stage on a canvas of neutral
      tones. Vegan accessories combine ethics and
      aesthetics. Subtle elegance for women who are
      looking for the perfect balance.

      Less is more.

    • An aesthetic as soft
      and warm as a hug.

      The delicate spirit lives in soft tones
      and materials that are sweet to the
      touch. The nude color allows the
      fashion to blend with the skin.
      Sensuality is expressed in the
      transparency of the lace, crystal
      stones, and vinyl.

      A proposal for mothers
      who exude romance.

      • Timelessness
        is always in style:

        a paradox that mothers know only
        too well. The iconic always remain
        relevant: the little black dress, the
        handbag with a chain, elegant

        Classic elegance and sophistication
        for women who are perfect in
        every situation.

    • The challenge to constantly
      reinvent yourself without
      losing personality.

      This season, graphic prints – from the
      simplicity of maxi squares to the power
      of animal print – and metallic tones are
      in style. On the opposite end of the
      spectrum, a total monochromatic look
      in black that breaks stereotypes with
      masculine-styled lines.

      Fashion with personality for modern
      women who do not fear the new.

      Mommy cool!