They say that love is a virtuous circle.
That everything you give, gets back to you.

Choose well who you surround yourself with.
Buy clothes that age with you.
And treat them well.

Be faithful to your clothes.

Use them. Take good care of them.

I like big bags because I tend to keep a lot of things in them.

Bags are my favourite accessories and the ones I notice the most. Much more than clothes. I have had loads and I’ve used all of them. I always like bags. Always leather. The bigger, the better.

Lola Ulloa

I like classic wallets like my grandfather’s, where he kept his lottery tickets.
I don’t like to put too many things in it so it stays thin. I carry some money, my cards and just enough ID.
I like the leather to wear and age with me.

Antonio Casado

Decorating my hands and ears is an essential final step. I need to wear rings and earrings, otherwise I feel naked. I have loads of rings and earrings. Some of them are very special and I wear them every day.

Isabel Risco

I like the texture and colour, blue and grey in two different tones. I have had this linen scarf by Adolfo Domínguez for 10 years.

As a university professor, I always have to raise my voice and keeping my throat protected helps me in the colder months.

Ladislao Castro

This tweed coat is 25 years old It still has the Basic Adolfo Dominguez label. It is made of Italian wool tailored in Sabadell.
It has an old pattern, with a ranglan sleeve, no shoulders, which is back in again. I wear it all the time.

Fernando Trebolle

Image without a name
Image without a name

I have always worn boots. They have to be black, with laces and light. A little masculine. With a rounded toe and not too high on the ankle.
Boots make me feel wise.
I tie them in the back, hiding the knot so they don't distract from the svelte ankle.

Iria Cortizo