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    This legal notice states the terms of use of the website “” (hereinafter “website”) of Adolfo Dominguez S.A. (hereinafter ADOLFO DOMINGUEZ), with its registered address in San Ciprian de Viñas, Industrial Area, Street 4, Plot 8, 32901 Ourense, and with the email address, with company tax ID number A-32104226, and registered in the Companies Register of Ourense, Volume 189, Folio 125, Entry 8, Page OR-1325.

    Any access to the website confers the condition of User and implies full and unreserved acceptance by the User of each and every one of the conditions contained in this Legal Notice.

    All intellectual property rights of the internet domain and its contents belong to ADOLFO DOMINGUEZ, meaning that no User is authorised to make use of them, nor to print them or store them on any hardware in any way other than that of personal and private use. The modification, decompilation or commercial use of any part of the content is prohibited.

    The use of the contents of the website is only authorised for purposes of information and service, provided the source is quoted or referred to, with the User being solely responsible for any misuse of these contents.

    To access the information contained on the website and make use of the services offered, minors must obtain prior permission from their parents, guardians or legal representatives.

    The data, text, information, graphics or links published on the website are collected only for the purposes of information for anyone interested in them and access to them shall not generate a commercial, contractual or professional relationship between Users and the company. In case of discrepancy between the information contained on the website and the content printed on paper, the latter shall prevail. The company reserves the right to modify the contents of the website without notice.

    The links and hypertext that might, where applicable, facilitate access through the website to features and services offered by third parties are not owned or controlled by the company. Therefore the company cannot be held liable for the information contained in the same nor for any effects that might result from such information.

    The personal data the User provides us with at any time shall be included in an electronic file which is controlled by ADOLFO DOMINGUEZ, S.A., with the purpose of maintaining, developing and sending relevant information to the User regarding upcoming marketing and promotional offers, through all available communication channels, and may be transferred to other companies belonging to the group or third party partners of ADOLFO DOMINGUEZ S.A. that could exist within or without the Spanish territory and that offer a level of protection comparable to the provisions of the European regulation.

    The User may at any time, exercise your right to access, rectify and cancel data, data portability, restriction of processing, transparency and the right to not being subject to a decision based solely on automated processing in the terms of the current relevant regulation by sending an email to ADOLFO DOMINGUEZ, S.A. at or by phone at 91 553 34 08.

    Users are strictly forbidden to introduce any kind of virus into the web domain or try to access or modify the data on it, access the email accounts, messages, etc.

    ADOLFO DOMINGUEZ cannot guarantee the quality, accuracy, reliability, correctness or morality of the data, programmes, information or opinions, whatever their source, which circulate on its network or the networks which the user may be able to access through the website. The Client expressly agrees to leave the company free of any liability related to the website. The User assumes sole responsibility for any consequences, damages or actions arising out of access to such content as well as its reproduction or diffusion.

    ADOLFO DOMINGUEZ shall not be liable for any violations by any Users that affect the rights of another User of the website, or any third parties, including copyrights, trademarks, patents, confidential information and any other intellectual property rights.

    The company will make use of the civil or criminal actions available to it under the law regarding any misuse of its web domain. Disputes arising in relation to this domain will be governed by Spanish law, submitting to the Courts of the city of Ourense.


    We are providing you with this Privacy Policy based on the principles of lawfulness, fairness, and transparency.

    Who is the data controller?


    Tax Identification Number (CIF in Spanish): A32104226


    Phone number:900 333727

    Information on the DPO:

    What is the purpose of processing your personal data?

    At ADOLFO DOMÍNGUEZ, S.A. we process the information you provide to us for the purposes of managing the contractual relationship established with you; notifying you about our products, events, and promotions; managing your membership in our EXPERIENCE loyalty club; producing profiles and marketing materials; sending you push notifications with information such as the status of your orders and individualized special offers and/or promotions; and to provide responses to your requests for information based on geo-localization data.

    How long will we store your personal data?

    Your data will be stored for the minimum amount of time necessary for proper provision of the service offered, and also to comply with any responsibilities that may be derived from the service and from any other legal requirements.

    What is the legal basis for processing your data?

    The legal basis for processing of your personal data may be performance of a potential and/or established contractual relationship, a legitimate interest, legal authorization and/or consent from the data subject. We only request data from you that is appropriate, pertinent, and strictly necessary, and in no case are you obligated to provide your data to us. However, if you do not, this could affect the purpose of the service or render it impossible to provide.

    Who will your data be shared with?

    For the purposes described above, ADOLFO DOMÍNGUEZ S.A. may share your data with other entities from its group of undertakings or with third-party collaborators, including franchises and the Adolfo Dominguez Foundation.

    What rights do you have when you provide your data to us?

    The data protection rights possessed by data subjects are:

    • The right to access the personal data related to the data subject

    • The right to correct or delete it

    • The right to oppose the use of it

    • The right to request limitation of its processing

    • The right to data portability

    The data subjects whose personal data has been obtained may exercise their personal data protection rights by sending a written communication to the registered address of ADOLFO DOMÍNGUEZ, S.A., or to the email address provided for this purpose (, including in either case a copy of their National Identification Document (DNI in Spanish) or other equivalent identification document.

    Applicable forms and further information about your rights are available at the website of Spain’s national control authority (the Spanish Data Protection Agency or Agencia Española de Protección de Datos in Spanish, referred to hereinafter as the AEPD):

    Can I withdraw my consent?

    You have the ability and the right to withdraw your consent, at any time and in relation to any specific purpose for which you may have granted it. However, this will not affect the legality of any processing that has been carried out based upon that consent prior to its withdrawal.

    Where can I submit a claim if I think my data has not been handled correctly?

    If any data subject believes that his or her data is not being handled correctly by ADOLFO DOMÍNGUEZ, S.A., a claim may be submitted by email to, or to the corresponding data protection authority, which within Spain is the AEPD:

    Security and updating of your personal data

    In order to safeguard the security of your personal data, please be informed that ADOLFO DOMÍNGUEZ, S.A. has adopted all measures of a technical and organizational nature necessary in order to guarantee the security of the personal data provided. All of this has been done in order to prevent its alteration, loss and/or unauthorized processing or access, as required by the legislation. However, absolute security does not exist.

    It is important for you to always keep us informed about any changes that may occur to your personal data, so that we will be able to keep it up-to-date.


    ADOLFO DOMÍNGUEZ, S.A. would also like to inform you that your data will be processed using maximum caution and confidentiality by all personnel involved, and during all phases of its processing. We will never share or communicate your data with any other parties, except in cases where required by law or if the data subject has provided his or her express consent for this.


    What are Cookies?

    The Website of ADOLFO DOMÍNGUEZ S.A. (hereinafter, the Website) uses Cookies. Cookies are files sent to a web browser via an Internet server, and they are used to record a user’s activities at a specific website. The primary purpose of Cookies is to give the user quicker access to the services selected. In addition, Cookies personalize the services offered by the Website, providing users with information they are interested in, or could be interested in, based on the use they make of the Services.

    This Website uses Cookies to personalize and improve each user’s navigation experience. Cookies are associated only with an anonymous user and that user’s computer, and they do not provide any information that could allow a user’s personal data to be revealed. Users can also configure their web browser to provide notification when Cookies are being sent by the Website and/or to reject installation of these, without this affecting the user’s ability to access the Website’s contents. However, please be informed that doing this may decrease the quality of the Website’s functioning.

    Users who have registered or logged in can benefit from more personalized services that are oriented towards their own profile, thanks to the combination of the data stored in the Cookies and the personal data they have provided when registering. Such users expressly authorize the use of this information for the purpose indicated, while still maintaining their right to reject or disable the use of Cookies.

    The Website will also be able to record all of the services requested by the users, in order to provide or offer information that is adjusted to each user’s tastes and preferences.

    What are the various types of Cookies that exist?

    • Based upon their Permanence, Cookies can be classified as:

      • Session Cookies”: This first type of Cookies expires as soon as a user closes his or her browser.

      • Persistent Cookies”. This second type of Cookies expires once the purpose they serve has been completed (for example, allowing a user to stay identified when using the Services), or else when they are manually deleted.

    • Cookies can also be classified based upon their Purpose:

      • Performance Cookies: Cookies of this type record the preferences you have specified for the tools found in the services, so you will not have to reconfigure the service each time you visit. As an example, Cookies of this type include:

        • Volume adjustments for video or audio players.

        • Video transmission speeds that are compatible with a user’s browser.

      • Geo-localization Cookies: These Cookies are used to determine which country a user is located in when a service is requested. These Cookies are completely anonymous, and are only used to help orient the contents based on this location.

      • Traffic log Cookies: Traffic log Cookies are generated once a user has registered, or after a user has logged in for a session. They are used to identify a user in the services for the following purposes:

        • To keep a user identified, so that after a service is closed, the browser or computer will continue to be identified when the service is used again at another time or on a different day. This makes navigation easier by preventing the need for re-identification. This feature can be removed by clicking on the “close session” feature. This will cause this type of Cookie to be deleted, so that the next time the user enters the service, he or she will have to log in again in order to be identified.

        • To verify whether the user is authorized to access certain services, for example, for participation in a contest.

      • Analytical Cookies: Each time a user visits a service, a tool from an external provider generates an analytical Cookie on that user’s computer. This type of Cookie, which is only generated during the visit, will be used during subsequent visits to the Website’s Services in order to anonymously identify the visitor. The main objectives being pursued in this case are:

        • Allowing anonymous identification of the users navigating at the Website by using the Cookie (identifies browsers and devices, not people), so that the approximate number of visitors and the duration of their visits can be calculated.

        • Anonymously identifying the most visited contents, and therefore those that are most attractive for the users.

        • Determining whether the user accessing the Website is a new user or a repeat visitor.

        • Important: Unless the user decides to register for a service on the Website, this type of Cookie will never be associated with any personal data that could be used to identify the user. These Cookies will only be used for statistical purposes, which will help optimize the users’ experience at the Website.

      • Behavioral advertising Cookies: Cookies of this type allow expansion of the information displayed by advertisements for each anonymous user of the Website’s services. The information stored includes, among other elements, the duration or frequency of viewing for advertisements, interactions with them, and the user’s navigation patterns and/or behavior, since this information helps to produce an advertising interest profile. This in turn allows the advertising offered to be adjusted to the user’s interests.

      • Third-party advertising Cookies: In addition to the advertising managed by the Website in its services, the Website offers its advertisers the option to display ads via third parties (“AdServers”). This allows those third parties to store Cookies sent to them by the Website’s services as taken from the users’ browsers, and to access the data stored in those Cookies.

    What cookies do we use?

    GRUPO ADOLFO DOMÍNGUEZ will make its best effort to update this list as soon as possible based on the services that are added to our Website. However, during this updating it is possible that the list may not include a particular Cookie yet, although reference will always be made on this list to Cookies with purposes identical to those recorded

    The Cookies we use on our Website are:


    frontend: first party session cookie used as a security code to prevent attacks, identity theft or malicious use of the user's profile. This cookie keeps the user's session until it expires or the session is manually closed.

    adpriv: first party persistent cookie used to detect when the user’s session is initiated while he or she navigates, which allows for caching content to be identified. It expires within 1 month.

    userId: first party persistent cookie used to inform Goolge Analytics of the user ID. It expires within 10 days. 

    idCountry: first party persistent cookie used to identify the country selected by the user and display customized content adapted to that particular country. It expires within 1 month. 

    nameCountry: first party persistent cookie used to identify the country selected by the user and display customized content adapted to that particular country. It expires within 1 month.

    wishlist: first party persistent cookie used to identify the list of products that the user adds to their wish list. It has an expiration term of 48 years and 5 months.

    catalog-view: first party session cookie used to identify the catalog view preferences selected by the user.

    catalog-view-mode-selected: supplemental to the previous cookie, this first party session cookie collects information when the user manually selects a catalog view option.

    parrillasearch: first hand persistent cookie used to identify view preferences in search results. It expires within 3 days. 

    jsCookieCheck: first hand persistent cookie that ensures the cookie notice has been shown. It expires within 1 year.

    lastCurrentUrl: first hand persistent cookie used to save the last webpage visited by the used, so that the user can return to that navigation point if he or she wishes to do so. It expires within 3 days.

    searchBro: first hand persistent cookie used to record the store code selected by the user and therefore enable the search function in the relevant language and catalog. It expires within 3 days.

    newPrehome: first hand persistent cookie used to record the store code selected by the user and therefore display customized messages on the website based on the current store/language. It expires within 1 month.

    Advertising Cookies: these allow expansion of the information from the advertisements displayed to each user on the services from ADOLFO DOMINGUEZ. The information stored includes, among other details, the duration or frequency of viewing of advertisements, interactions with them, and the user’s navigation patterns and/or behavior, since these help to produce an advertising interest profile. This in turn allows the advertising offered to be adjusted to the user’s interests.

    Third-party advertising Cookies: in addition to the advertising managed by ADOLFO DOMINGUEZ in its Services, our advertisers are offered the option to display ads via third parties (“AdServers”). This allows those third parties to store Cookies sent to them by the services of ADOLFO DOMINGUEZ as taken from the users’ browsers, and to access the data stored in those Cookies.


    The third-party service providers from which we have contracted a service that requires the use of Cookies are:


    Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc., a Delaware corporation with its headquarters located at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, California 94043, USA ("Google"). Google Analytics uses Cookies, which are text files stored on your computer, and which help a website analyze the use that users are making of it. The information that the Cookie generates about your use of the Website (including your IP address) will be transmitted directly to Google and stored on its servers in the United States. Google will use this information on our behalf for the purpose of monitoring the places you visit at the Website, compiling reports on the Website’s activity, and providing other services related to activities at the Website and use of the Internet. Google may transmit such information to third parties when required by law to do so, or when those third parties are processing the information on behalf of Google. Google will not associate your IP address with any other data that Google may have available. You may reject processing of this data or information by rejecting the use of Cookies, which can be done by selecting the appropriate settings in your web browser. However, you must remember that if you do this, it may not be possible to take advantage of the full functionality of this Website.

    __ga: This Cookie generates a unique User ID that is used to count the number of times a user visits the Website. It also records the time of the first and last visits, new visits or sessions, the time at which the Website is entered, the user’s origin (in other words, the location from which this Website has been accessed), and how the Website is being accessed. It also records the keywords used to locate this Website, and it verifies whether the session should be kept open or whether a new session must be created.

    This Cookie is updated each time the data is sent to Google Analytics. This is the persistent type of Cookie, and it has an expiration period of two years.

    More information about the Cookies related with Google Analytics can be found at this link:


    Empathy Broker is a search service for web platforms provided by Empathybroker Limited, a company specializing in products for eCommerce search engines.

    sb_session_id: session cookie used to identify the user's recent search preferences. It expires within 1 hour.

    sb_user_id: persistent cookie used to customize users’ search results. It expires within 3 years. 

    More info on cookies related to Empathy Broker can be found here:


    Finally, we must inform you that social networks also make use of their own Cookies to collect information about the contents you share on them. GRUPO ADOLFO DOMÍNGUEZ has absolutely no control over the activities of such social networks. However, we remind you that all of them have their own policies on privacy and use of Cookies. As an example and as a way to provide you with more information, below you will find links to pertinent legal documents for the seven social networks for which we provide buttons that allow you to share our contents:


    Privacy policy:

    Cookies policy:

    Terms of service:


    Privacy policy:

    Cookies policy:

    Terms of service:


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    Cookies policy:

    Terms of service:


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    Cookies policy:

    Terms of service:


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    Cookies policy:

    Terms of service:

    You Tube:

    Privacy policy:

    Cookies policy:

    Terms of service:


    Privacy policy:

    Cookies policy:

    Terms of service:

    How can Cookies be deleted after navigating at our platforms?

    You have the option to deactivate our Cookies if desired. However, if you do this some of the Website’s features may not execute properly, or your navigation may become more difficult. We therefore recommend that you should keep Cookies activated, and if you want to delete them, you should do so only after exiting the Platform.

    If you use Google Chrome, go to the option “Clear browsing data”, which is found via the “History” menu. This will cause a pop-up menu to appear, which will allow you to decide which information you want to delete, including Cookies.

    If you use Firefox, go to the option “Clear Recent History”, which is found via the “History” menu. This will cause a pop-up menu to appear, which will allow you to decide which information you want to delete, including Cookies.

    If you use Internet Explorer, go to the option “Delete browsing history”, which is found via the “Tools” menu. This will cause a pop-up menu to appear, which will allow you to decide which information you want to delete, including Cookies.

    If you use the Chrome browser with Android, go to the “Privacy” option, which is found via the “Settings” menu. This will cause a pop-up menu to appear, which will allow you to decide which information you want to delete, including Cookies.

    As you can see, deleting Cookies is done in a very similar way in all browsers, so if you are using a browser other than those mentioned, it should not be too difficult to find the feature that allows you to delete the data stored as Cookies. You can also configure your system to automatically delete all Cookies each time you end your browsing session.

    How do I deactivate Cookies?

    Although the way in which a user can deactivate Cookies will depend on the browser or browsers being used, all browsers allow the settings related to Cookies to be modified. Below we indicate the steps that should be followed to find these settings in the most popular web browsers currently in use:

    This will also prevent us from obtaining information about the way users are navigating at our Website, which makes it more difficult or even impossible to improve the information and contents included there, as well as their appearance.

    More information about the functioning, use, and management of Cookies

    You can also adjust your browser to initiate private browsing, which prevents your system from storing undesired information on your hard drive.

    You can even view a list of all of the Cookies that your browser has stored on your hard drive, then delete these individually if desired. For example, if your operating system is Windows 7 and the browser you are using is Internet Explorer version 10, the Cookies this browser is storing on your hard drive are usually found at the following file path: C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\.

    Finally, remember that most browsers will give you information about how to adjust your settings to prevent new Cookies from being accepted, how to receive a notification when a new Cookie is being received, or how to deactivate Cookies completely. If you want to learn more about how Cookies work, we recommend making use of the Help menu displayed on your browser’s toolbar (if you are using Windows, pressing F1 will also provide access to the Help feature).

    If you would like more information about Cookies, you can view the “Guide to the use of cookies ” produced by the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD in Spanish).

    Will changes be made to the Cookies Policy?

    The Website may modify this Cookies Policy based on the demands of new legislation or regulations, or in order to adapt the policy to new instructions issued by the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD in Spanish). We therefore recommend that users should make an effort to view this policy periodically.

    If significant changes are made to this Cookies Policy, users will be notified via the Website, or they will receive an email if they have previously registered there.

    The structure and features of the present Website may be modified to add new sections, services, or contents, and this could cause changes in our use of Cookies or changes to our Cookies Policy. We therefore recommend that users should review the posted Cookies Policy each time they access our Website, to see whether any changes have taken place since their last visit.


    The structure and functionality of this website may be modified in order to add new sections, services or content, which may mean changes to its use and therefore our cookies policy. We recommend usersthat access our website to always review our cookies policy in case this has been subject to changes since their last visit.


    The Cookies Policy is part of the Privacy Policy maintained by GRUPO ADOLFO DOMÍNGUEZ.