Thursday 3rd March
Serrano 5, Madrid


The time we inhabit is accelerated, digital and mutant. Frantic some days. Uncertain on others.

Inspired by this spirit, the Zeitgeist collection is a ritual of garments designed for wanderers.

Detachable pieces, sustainable and rich in creative research, coexist with that nostalgic look that celebrates the memory of things that once were.

More than a fashion show, a three-act experience.

Hania Rani. Hawaii Oslo

Polish pianist Hania Rani transferred with her melodies to a sensory landscape.
Thoughts made music, danced next to the clock that marks the hour of contemporaneity.

A white rabbit, designed by Hekreations, led the audience to the next stage of wonders.


Digital passage with the video installation Loom by visual artist Daniel Canogar,
a generative work with Google Trends data that represents the fluidity
of the collective consciousness. Pure Zeitgeist in motion.

Daniel Canogar. Loom

Suspended light sculpture.
A door to our most intimate aspirations.


In the age of the algorithm, our artisans reclaimed the beauty of working with their hands.

The Santas compañas paraded with the psalmody of the botafumeiro, which flooded the air with a mystical aroma.

Behind the curtain, actress Benedicta Sánchez,
Goya to revelation actress for O que arde was waiting.
A true incarnation of the Be older.

Three characters of the Galician imaginary, the peliqueiro (the traditional mask),
the meiga and the carapucho (the ancestral Galician rain suit), gave way
to Baiuca's screening, the electronic musician who has better known
how to combine the Galician tradition with the avant-garde.


The collections begin in the Ágora, a space for research, creativity and questioning.
This is where a shared process takes place, led by Tiziana Domínguez, the brand's
Creative Director.

In the Ágora, ideas become clothes.
This is where everything begins.



Our models are real people with real bodies.
We celebrate the imperfect perfection of the
human being from all ages and in all sizes.

Tiziana Domínguez, Adolfo Domínguez creative director.