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Adolfo Dominguez


    • Speckled Linen Skirt Speckled Linen Skirt
      laser cut waist and side
      straight cut
      eco-leather waistband
      invisible zip at the back
      matching top

    • Skater Skirt Skater Skirt
      skater style
      above-the-knee length
      seam at the hip

    • Crocket Pencil Skirt Crocket Pencil Skirt
      fitted cut
      pencil style
      above-the-knee length
      zip fastening

    • Sequined Skirt Sequined Skirt
      irregular hem
      strass style
      black edging
      full length or cropped leg

    • flared cut
      eco-leather edging
      large front pockets

    • front pockets
      high waisted
      maxi buckles

    • floral print lining
      denim fabric
      above-the-knee length
      high waist at the hip

    • nautical style print
      slanted pockets
      seam at the hip
      flared cut

    • light denim
      wide to the knee
      high waisted
      side pockets

    • chiffon
      flared cut
      mid-height waist